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(05-13-2018, 01:57 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: [ -> ]500 hours?!? O_o
Here I'm hitting 140-ish and feels that this game is taking up my gaming time.
Hmm, I read somewhere that this japanese celeb has clocked 8000+ hours in older monhan game(s). Idk who she is so I didn't pay attention to her name.
 Anyways, monhan is big in japan and my save time is just an average fish in an ocean of game saves Big Grin
Yea, Monster Hunter is a way of life Big Grin
I should probably post this here

Damn i look handsome.
Can't see me toon in it. Here's camera 2 keke

I didn't even prepare for a secondary assault cos I was 90% sure it's going to die

And here's what I said in chat about gold crown Lavasioth looking like Jho's younger bro. It was damn hard to hit that head with the hammer's shorter reach as compared to the horn.

I been kinda lazy about making highlights for many weeks shame just delete some funnies every once in a while cos I forget which vid they happened. But I kinda got in the mood tonight cos nobody is around to play with so I kinda made like half a dozen uploads today Big Grin Will post the others later

Turns out Low Rank Great Jagras only has between 400-700 hp cos 1 mount killed him

(05-26-2018, 10:56 PM)Oggy Ten Wrote: [ -> ]Turns out Low Rank Great Jagras only has between 400-700 hp cos 1 mount killed him

That's because you're playing the two jagras on one quest.. so the HP is halved. Like if you played a quest that has 5 monsters in it, each would have 1/5 HP so they die much quicker.
If you played the single jagras quest it has about 1500 hp if i'm not mistaken.
Damn. Told u we shouldnt have used sos in the 5 monster quest. Felt like the loading screens and running around wasnt worth it if i dont get to smash enough times before the target dies
My cat is an elder slayer haha

Teo just loves it in the ass. He even wiggled his tail as an invitation

Anime-style mid-air clash

I think this is enough tan for the morning Big Grin

Hahaha now that I think about it, in Teostra world hunters are murderous cock-blockers Smile