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Wyvern Fire?!? ROFL
It thought it was the friggin Gajalakas bombing us! XD
Its definitely Suryo with his gunlance blowing up your ass.
Hey, in the heat of the battle, I got blown away, turned my camera around, and see those Gajalakas throwing bombs at my previous location. One can assume that they're the culprit. XD
Just now, I thought "I think if I put this gear with that gear it would look cool even though some built-in skills would be useless"

A few seconds later, "oh, the boots aren't augmented yet"


I'm down to 30,000 zeny again haha Big Grin

Reminds me of that cliche with women and shopping

But Kunoichi Rox looks so cool :/
[Image: 7rDRO4Q.jpg]
Yeah she looks hot! Love the fishnets!
Zenny is rather easy to farm, it's the armor spheres thats quite difficult to farm. Only way to get them is via bounties.

My cat must give me luck whenever it drinks a potion.

[Image: Monster_Hunter_World_20180320125041.gif]
Is that Anja or Odo tail?

Hey I just seen the vid. Ur cat is hax! Big Grin
Last night,
Santa: I'm thinking of switching to another weapon.

A few exchange of words later,
Santa: I think I'll try Switch Blade even though it's complicated.
Me: Pretty sure you can handle it cos u mastered the Spear.
Santa: Haha spear isn't hard to use.

I forgot to tell him that anything that requires patience is hard for me bahahahaha! Big Grin
(03-29-2018, 05:58 PM)Oggy Ten Wrote: [ -> ]Is that Anja or Odo tail?

Hey I just seen the vid. Ur cat is hax! Big Grin

It was a Teostra tail. I don't know why sharefactory doesn't let you pick the gif size Undecided
The avatar and user is the same person! Dippy is not using a toon!

Move away clumsy peasants! You bore me, I'll do it myself.

And I was like,
Big Grin