Full Version: Monster Hunter World Thread
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Andy, Oggy, let's team up!

Like Andy said, i'm a GS user.
But now i'm really interested in SwithAxe, so maybe gonna use that two.

Later if i'm rich in materials (probably end game) i'll be using Dual Swords because if it's anything like past games, DS required a lot mega juices to be lethal.

The open beta opens again for all PS4 users, not just PS+ subscribers.
Let's hunt!

[Image: original.jpg]
Glad I haven't deleted the game from my PS4.
Will they finally let us hunt Rathalos proper?
Crap. It's been hours since I read this. December 22nd is too much wait for a fraction of a game
So tried the game earlier but still not available... Let's see if I can play now

Edit: Aargh! Headache! This pain shall not hinder my thirst for hunting and exploration. I will kill it with medication and alcohol.

Edit 2: I see the pic says 5pm gmt. May as well told myself to wait till December 23rd.
Tomorrow then.
So after beating Barroth using the horn, I got a little cheeky and went Anjanath hunting with a gunlance. Due to apparent lack of mobility, experience and a very quick K.O. I was forced to ponder the life of a hunter and went back to basics.

Using the good ol Long Sword I was able to steal a buzzer-beating success. Big Grin
Dickwad and Dipshit V Anjanath

My heart skipped a split second in the victory screen when I saw that I was 7 seconds away from failing the mission. Whew
Great job on Anjanath!
I haven't been able to touch my PS4 yesterday. ^^
I read you can hit your allies in coop? Maybe I should refrain from using LS, Axe and lance for now
Yeah you can. Deliberately or not. XD