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Yup. Further back. Definitely outside your range. That's what makes it funny because it was lined up from my point of view haha.
I'm gonna keep making short highlight vids then someday compile it.
Andy is the wingman that will take a bullet for you. My cat's done a couple of those stunts, one of them's when I was dizzy. But not funny cos it's not a person Big Grin

Just keep recording while you play and something silly is bound to happen
(03-06-2018, 02:57 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: [ -> ]I should probably make some highlights as well from all my vids. Sounds fun. Big Grin
Problem is, I don't remember anything interesting, though.

Yeah. Record whats funny. 
Like this one of my glorious mid air death:

Big Grin
Lol is the text custom? Cos I didn't notice it before

Btw, investigation Kusha kept flinging me all over the place with his freakin Arm Bar. Guy thinks he's the Hulkamania! I told you guys when we fought tempered Kusha it's not how I remember him. Cos even this red one behaves different when flashed.
Musta done more than a dozen easy quests cos I ran out of cash earlier and most of the stuff I need are expensive. Also low on armor spheres so I just went like a tennis ball for the resource center hunted this and that for the spheres and possible rares.

Oh yeah my first official hammer adventure. I used hammer before but not in MHW cept for the 2 occasions I was with Dippy. Captured temp Anja and third-wheeling Rathalos and Tobey in less than 30 minutes.
Die bitches! Smash! Smash! Big Grin
And I've finished my HBG. Tried a test run in the arena against Barroth.
Seems the staple of the gun is the piercing shot and the spread shot. One hits multiple times, the other is a shotgun. Why do we need normal ammo again?
Level 1 is infinite. Normal ammo 2 and 3 usually have higher count than specialized ammo. Normal ammo also have the least drawbacks like recoil, deviation, reload time, etc. Also hits like shit, I'd use the farcaster to get more ammo before you can make me use normal shot lv.1 haha Big Grin

Slicing shot used to be the bomb. Now nerfed. Also, always bring craftables for when you run out of special shots. Me I always bring slash berries.
Resource center wanted me to f*ck up some poor bird wyverns. The weakest large monsters in the game. They're better of as "Big Bird" instead of "Bird Wyvern" just look at that rooster monster Kulu-ya-ku. although Sesame St. Big Bird looks cooler than them cos they're just pretty lame... Uh, enough cock shaming, back to the point. 
They wanted me to chop cocks, I found it a great opportunity to test my giant poison Circumciser, Master Dippy's specialty:

That damage output is so satisfying. Reminds me of bbc-themed pron
Normal shots focus all their damage in one place, has good compatibility with weakness exploit if you have good aim.
I don't really use them yet, but yesterday I used an HBG with Normal 3 to get the head break for Vaal's fangs before switching to my melee equipment. It worked quite well.
Do you use free element/ammo up skill? I'm still figuring out how it works. One time my lv 3 normals turned into burst shot. Today, playing with Andy and Kebo my lv 1 normals were burst shot.