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I think I had a nearly a million before but spent all of them on various upgrades. Then somewhere around 0.7 and spent more than half of it in supplies then finally last night I had more than 1 mil, forged a couple dozen weaker hr armor sets, augmented some and forged 3 different dual swords and had somewhere around 600 zeny left before I even finished this afternoon haha.

Thankfully I now have around 50 thousand for doing various grinds hahahaha Big Grin

This is by far my finest work of arson. I kept patting me figurative self on the back.

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Bahahahahaha and just like that I outdone myself. I poked Teo's ass and all the fire burst out.

I think it's his first time in the behind hahaha!! Big Grin
Oh wow. How did you managed to get so many money? ^^;

I'm up to 500k at the moment. Got so many things I can upgrade/forge, but I'm persevering for the trophy. Need something to hack on with the bandit mantle.
I save the vouchers for great hunting investigations that reward 70+ thousand. 140+ thousand zenies as long as you don't faint.
Remember when I sent in chat the picture of the 54k investigation, Kebo, Dippy and I forgot who the other guy was. They helped me finish it. Soon enough I found ones with bigger rewards and spent vouchers on them playing solo. I decide wether I can take them on or not and prepare armor sets for each of them.

I remember the first week I'd spend vouchers on Anja hunt that give 7k reward because 7k was big then haha Big Grin
I did the "no death" Teostra with Kebosangar.
That was fun scary as hell. XD
We played it as well. I think 15 minutes was the time limit. It was easy with 4 guys similar to what happened in the blue rathalos rape. They were like, "that's it?"
I think most quests become too easy with 4 players.

This morning I played the optional Kusha. He's really easy to exploit. Flash, LS combo to death with dragonseal. Couldn't even spin 1 tornado, literally. He didn't even get the chance to sleep. Vid is on my page. Uploaded it for preservation but not worth sharing. Be waste of anyone's time lol Big Grin

But inspite of it, I still hesitate to fight him. I know I need Kusha parts but I feel I'd rather fight Nergi. It proves that humans instinctively fear the unknown because I only exploited his weaknesses I don't actually know how to face him. And going trough the entire experience removes the fear because Nergi is tougher but I don't fear him.
Yeah i did it 3 times with him until the quest is gone hahahahaha. Oh yeah, might as well use vouchers for these kinda quests because the reward money is usually good.
Still has that no death tempered val hazak. Maybe tonight.
Lol I can still use my Heavy Bowguns- Dumb monsters.
I got a tempered Barroth, used the cool-looking Legiana rifle. Couldn't hit me once hahaha. Rarely attacked me even cos he was too busy with my cats Big Grin
I just saw your arson vids above.
LOL great work. I love these kinds of short videos highlighting your moments of shine.

There's this moment i failed to capture on my PS4 because i was pressing screenshot, damn.
So we're fighting Xeno Jiva right. I need to sharpen my GS so i made distance from the fight and begin sharpening.
But suddenly in the background Xeno turned around and his eyes tapped into me and opened his mouth, shooting his fireball, directly to me from afar. I was still sharpening and was like... fuck me....

But then Felcia (andy's character) suddenly come out from nowhere and get blasted instead, perfect time when my character finished sharpening with the SCHWING! sound.
You know, I don't even remember that happened ^^;
Dippy must've been outside my view range, probably further to my back.

I should probably make some highlights as well from all my vids. Sounds fun. Big Grin
Problem is, I don't remember anything interesting, though.