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Finally passed the two Bageljuice quest with the help from Kebosangar. Jumped straight to HR38.

I've been finishing all my LR optional quests, so I'm playing solo at the moment. Big Grin
Now up to LR Kirin.
It's been puzzling me for a while now. But I don't remember finishing that quest. But as I was typing this, I started to remember. One of them is purple. I was shocked to encounter the purple first cos I didn't pay attention to the text so I thought they were both purple.
It was a huge relief to find out one of them is only red. And I was lucky they kept attacking each other when I decided to go for the purple first, he started limping within 5 or so minutes Big Grin
No, both of them are tempered.
Its just they died so quick when you're soloing them, feels like you're not fighting tempered.. but it was a dual tempered bazel.
Odd. I remember pinning them on the map, one is glowing purple and one isn't. Maybe I played too many quests my memory got mixed haha Big Grin
Anyway, I already mentioned before loser-geuse is my most hated third wheel - spammy, aggressive, noisy, appear on all maps. His mama and his crush never wanted him so he's just crying for attention.
In this particular purple Legi investigation, he's always where Legi appears first so I always had to kill him first. Bezel and purple Legi in 15 minutes with gunlance. I had sheathing level 1 jewel and it makes a huge improvement on the gunlance performance

You love spamming firecrackers like a troubled little pre-teen? Let's see how you enjoy my fireworks! Muwahahaaaa...! >:-D

Btw, I've been meaning to ask but I keep forgetting, does the Horn Performance stagger you guys? Cos Idk, I think I saw one of you got pushed by the shockwave when his weapon was sheathed. Or maybe I saw wrong.
Btw, last night's highlights.

Dippy blew up Kusha and pissed him off

Kusha pissed me and I blew him up with Kebo.

I didn't know he was tempered I just thought he was being a bitch. Like Dippy said assigned quests are easier and that was the only time I fought him Big Grin

That all you got?


Anyway, this happened yesterday.
I joined K7I3N1 on a Kirin hunt, along with two other people. One of the other people got carted and then BOTH of them promptly leaves.
I was appaled. Contemplating a bit whether to leave or not (that's when I open up my start menu), but I just "What the hell, let's go!" and just persevere. Guess what, we won.

That's the second reason why I don't like playing online games. Also why I stick to playing with friends. But times are changing and this is how games are played nowadays and I'm probly letting myself get left behind. Eventually I'll pull my head out my ass but not today. I'm too lazy for that haha Big Grin

One time though I also joined a random Jiva quest I thought it's going to be a party of 4 but when I got in the leader was the only one left and he's got the guts to take on the buffed monster by himself. I got no choice but to lend my sword hand.
That bastard Odogaron took me 4 or 5 hours to get one gem before I can make that sexy Odo Skirt. Earlier I wanted an Odo bowgun and needed another gem. I figured what the hell and took on one investigation. Just one investigation and the flarkin gold reward is a gem ffs!
I am seriously dropping the heavy bowgun for now until I get better jewels. Light Bg is superior. Gonna miss the cluster bomb and rambo gattling  Sad
I was gonna pick up HBG, but I want to hoard 1 million zennys first. After that, time to upgrade.