Full Version: Monster Hunter World Thread
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I still got the 6 SF tickets that Dippy helped me get. Hopefully Sakura uses the same currency so I'll only have to get one more

After hunting somewhers around 10 random monsters yesterday for the resource center armor sphere rewards (another trouble I got to go trough for collecting pretty outfits), I felt like I needed a break to freshen my mind so I resumed watching Legends of Tomorrow. I slept very late because I couldn't stop Big Grin
Oh yeah.
Remind me to do 1 more SFV quest if we meet online so that you could get the Ryu costume.

Also I need Arena partner because i'm building this elementless GS that needs arena coins to build.
Since I can only play GS i may need help when GS is not available on a particular quest. lol
Pretty sure it can't be that hard. You'll have more freedom of movement in exchange for grinding with chip damage while trying to survive much longer than you're used to like the rest of us ordinary players do hahaha.

About the SF quest I think the deadline is today but idk the time zone so... Maybe tonight or not anymore.
SF event will be back for non SFV owners at later date. So no worry about that.
Heck, the HZD Palico Event will also return sometime in the future, the developer said. The events will cycle around, so we shouldn't worry about missing some of it.
The JAV post-climax expression Big Grin
[Image: aHeB6FS.jpg]

Punishing that whiffed fireball with a deathfist, err, true charge slash.
GS is too strong it needs to be nerfed with something like stamina drain while sheathed abd greater stamina drain while wielding lol Big Grin
Speaking of damage, here is a 700+ hit to the face followed by a 1200+ to the face.

1244 Fantastic! Just one of those and any of the HR weaklings should be ripe for capturing
Thanks for the invite Dippy, it was fun. Sorry I wasn't much help with Kirin. I can't find my anti-Kirin armor set. I'll just have to invent a new one tomorrow. I'm still sick today but the meds were in effect when I was playing so I played like normal but now I'm a bit lightheaded so I left Shin after 1 Uragaan hunt

Btw, do you guys check the weekly limited bounties from the resource center? I been completing them for 3 straight weeks now. I'm an outfit collector so I can always use the armor spheres.