Full Version: Monster Hunter World Thread
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The last panel killed it haha Big Grin
At first I thought "those bastards ain't adorable"
But wear their skin now that's true hahaha
In monhan, there's rarely any point in bullying weaker monsters. But when I wanted a poison GS, the smithy asked for 6 pukei materials I don't have. Hence a reason to backtrack. Good thing I'm a master of having fun and silly things.

I think this is similar to when you shave sheep for its coat Big Grin
I felt like trying out purple donkey tonight. It was like fighting a Neo Granzon the whole time except he's a pony and fires lightning. It was an agonizing 45 minutes. Good thing he died eventually.

And my favorite silly adventure so far, killing a flying Jiva with a slingshot. Sexy David and Flying Goliath.

The falling corpse was biblical hahaha
My set is ready. I think I'll take the two Beetlejuice sometime soon.
Lol at that slingshot kill! Nice.

First try at Tempered Kirin HR49, slayed it no problem! Hahaha.
My precaution was taking 3 Thunder Resist jewels, eat menu that has Elemental Res Up L, take turns in using Vitality Mantle and Thunderproof Mantle.
And have my cat use the Coral Orchestra so he'll buff me with random shits.
Also I'm using Nergigante GS so that I have High Elderseal.
That's it.

Also just take your time killing it. I'm using Crit Draw skill on my GS so I only perform 1 hit to the head (will always crit, for like 120-150ish) then rolled away to safety, over and over.
I only performed the True Charge Combo when he's down.

[Image: qemTF0L.jpg]
Now that's a strategy. I kinda focused more on cheating the s.o.b turns out more difficult than actual strategy hahaha Big Grin

It got me to thinking, you're always the power type with control like Superman. And I'm conniving. We are like Superman and Gotham's Dark Prince, the Joker.
Superman-Joker, World's Finest.
Yeah no matter what game im playing im always opt for the most damaging option. Power over speed.
(paul, greatswords, knights in rpg, ect)
Joker. Now that explains a lot about you, Oggy. XD
Anyway, managed to nab 9 Nora things from the Horizon Zero Dawn Event, so I can craft the equipment.
Haha Big Grin

I actually logged in to vent because I deleted my video of a monster whose foot I stomped in the final hit and the camera angle during the dying animation was hilarious. I was planning on turning the death into slow mo. But it's gone Sad

Horizon set turned my Roxy into an ugly redhead, I removed it immediately, placed in a chest and threw the key into the smithy's furnace Big Grin

Now I remember I also should have an epic explosion episode starring a red rank Kirin but I didn't realize I wasn't recording.
It would have been awesome  Sad
At least I got a customized bow out of it.
Now when's Sakura? Tongue