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(02-23-2018, 01:44 AM)Oggy Ten Wrote: [ -> ]I conjured a set with 420 something defense, 24 points lightning resist, and 22 points dragon resist and Purple Kirin was like,
"Foolish human!"
*Krakoom* 40% of extended life bar in damage
*Krakoom* you forgot to wear your antipara jewels
"Pls spare me, mighty herald of Zeus ;_;"

So after one faint I abandoned quest and went back to scheming like a saturday morning cartoon bad guy hahaha Big Grin

I still HR43 so long way to go! Big Grin

Don't forget to eat your purr-fect meal before going to hunt!

[Image: bDb2h7L.jpg]

Meowster Chef only cooks medium rare steak! No well done steak !! Big Grin
I never forget that, I consider the cutscene too good to miss it :p
lol salt bae
Seriously though ... watching Monster Hunter Food is making me hungry Sad The attention to Detail is Mouth watering ... err I mean inspiring.
Now you talk about something I forgot to share to you guys. You are not wrong, Monhan food is the stuff of dreams.
Link here:

Great artwork Dip. Sorry about the quest earlier. I didn't know my connection was wi-fi no wonder the chat was choppy and eventually disconnected. It was good that it didn't disconnect in the Jiva hunt. I want Jiva parts and don't like having to wait for the quest to randomly appear.

Btw, can you pls host me one more Ryu quest? need 1 more ticket. Also in case there's a SF girl character quest in the future pls heh Big Grin

A spark of idea! I wonder if I can lance poke that stupid pony to death. Gotta try next time I play
There will be, for Sakura.
And it's not a stupid pony, it's a murder pony and it will make sure you remember that :p
More like a Harry Potter pony cos first time I fought it it just kept standing in place and spammed me with spells haha Big Grin
Dippy requested this little video:

Me helping a friend to clear Xeno Jiva. Failed once. :/

And finally, my armor almost done:
[Image: monsterhunter_world_2pxsz0.jpg]
I just needed some gloves to complement it. I'm poor. Sad
I forgot to share the Monster Hunter World-related comic we made for my webcomic last week:
That's a cute comic you have there. I liked the Aeris arc. XD
Don't really like South Park, tho.