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Dippy brought me for Ryu:

Killed Pink Rath, Black Dia and, Jyura with the help of....
....Prep time! the strongest super power in super hero debates.

That juicy zeny reward made me regret not using a voucher because I had doubts about winning.
This is about 3 days ago, was tempted to clear that second HR cap (Duo Bazelguese Tempered).
It was also my first tempered monster, as i have never fight purple iconed monsters before. Going solo first time.. and cleared it lol.

[Image: YNAdbRE.jpg]

I'm HR 41 now, i think...
Time to clear the optional quests and hunt those decorations!
Do you know what quest unlocks the next cap? I want to see how far I can keep playing solo.

Atm, I'm using the highest level horn with the buffs that suit me. There are stronger horns but not the buffs I want. I'm also starting to find the LS, my desperation weapon, not killing monsters as fast as it used to.

Btw, sorry about last night we were catching up on Gotham so I couldn't play til it was very late. Barely got into one of Andy's missions before he retired for the night. Anja already got his tail cut when I arrived. So I didn't get to do much bashing so I was a bit unsatisfied. I can't even remember what I did afterwards

Thanks for both your invites btw.

Also you are both always welcome to crash my sessions. That time with Vaal was amazing, it was like a Kamen Rider crossover when you showed up I didn't get to record it though cos I thought I was already recording.
Next Cap is HR49.

Tempered Kirin
Yeah next cap is HR49 with tempered Kirin.
No worries Oggy, i'll crash your session every now and then haha.

I'm making a GS set that has focus, weakness exploit, crit draw and handicraft (so that i can use white sharpness Leviathan Fury GS).
But boy this set is going to need decorations.
I've finished the beginning of the game with the help of Kebosangar and Suryo. Big Grin

Got myself Odogaron Mail:
[Image: _mhwtij93.jpg]

Next up, finding the right gauntlets and helm, and then making the Kirin set.
Just made an accidental PSA video.
Turns out when you're pinned down by monsters, you can't move BUT you can use your slinger to fire something to defend yourself.

(02-21-2018, 07:09 PM)GigaHero Wrote: [ -> ]Next Cap is  HR49.

Tempered Kirin

Ooohh, THAT Kirin mission? Gonna start farming non-tempered Kirins for that but I'm still not done with a few other armor pieces and weapons. Farming is also more tedious when I keep changing weapons. 
So, anyway, it's looking like every assigned quest that follows the last one increases the HR cap upon completion, or am I wrong?

(02-22-2018, 09:41 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: [ -> ]I've finished the beginning of the game with the help of Kebosangar and Suryo. Big Grin

I  like playing with Kebo wholesome guy and talks a lot and laughs a lot
I conjured a set with 420 something defense, 24 points lightning resist, and 22 points dragon resist and Purple Kirin was like,
"Foolish human!"
*Krakoom* 40% of extended life bar in damage
*Krakoom* you forgot to wear your antipara jewels
"Pls spare me, mighty herald of Zeus ;_;"

So after one faint I abandoned quest and went back to scheming like a saturday morning cartoon bad guy hahaha Big Grin