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So here is the Nergi V Teo showdown. And now that I watched it, I am saddened to admit that my overwhelmingly "explosive" charm inadvertently ruined the spectacle.
I was like,
"Oooooh! Awesoooome! Two elders going at it! It would be much cooler if I blow them up at the same time! Ha-ha-ha!"

So Teo decided to leave after I rained on his parade Sad

^That was indeed awesome. *thumbs up*
The Gunlance is also good against those Birds with the Stones (forgot the name), doing the BOOM makes them drop the Stone.
I think I'm gonna stick with it for now, I also noticed it's easier to use in Multiplayer because it's harder to muck up the other Players Combo Smile
Now that I think about it, you can use the shots instead of slashing to fire the shell if you're concerned that your attack will be deflected.
I played last night but Andy and Dippy are both offline. hmmmmmm... You both got dates!!! Hahaha Big Grin

Hey Shear you play PS4 or Xb?
What? I was helping iyuslee on this quest:

and Dippy... I dunno, he's with kebosangar. We're splitting up. XD
Damn and I though I was alone. I even wasted 45 minutes on a hr regular rathalos hunt. Took me more than 20 minutes to get a scent, scoutflies suck at vertical directions, then they "occassionally" disapper on too many occasions even when there's no threat. Then Rathalos has a habit of constantly flying in different areas. Then when I finally got him, Bezel and Anja keeps showing up. My armor can withstand the abuse but I can't do most of my stuff without getting interrupted. And when Rathalos escapes, the scoutflies will not appear because there's still threat in the vicinity and so I have to ditch the other two before I can go back to square one.
All the time thinking, "if only I had a party Sad"

When the game said, "10 minutes left" I wanted to smash something but there's nothing to smash except the Ds4 and that's expensive Sad

Ohhh, redefining the power couple. I was doing 8* quests when I backtracked to that one and had poison resist 3, I killed Rathian before Rathalos had a chance to say, "Hey, what do you think you're doing with my b****?"
I play on PS4, might switch to PC later since several of my friends wait for that.
In case anybody cares, my PSN ID is shear666
... okay I just learned I actually didn't know how to properly use the Gunlance, I had no Idea that at the end of certain Combos it does that Wyvernblast thing (which when I acidentally did I usually wasted because I missed the Precious Monster Flesh, therefore no Boom).
I like it even more now.
I also had no Idea you could Carve Insects as long as you hit them with the Sling, and that there is a whole Huge area on top of the Forest which I found while looking for Insects -.-

On a side note what's the point of Wyvern Eggs? found one in a Nest on Top of the Trees.
Research points and you can sell for money (but there is a lot of more ways)