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It's all depending on what they do. If it's forced dub, then screw that, I'm importing again.

Hopefully they let you crarry over data from the Vita and PS3 versions.
XSEED Announce Zwei: The Arges Adventure Game on PC:

It's official, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is launching February 14th. Play it on Windows PC with improved graphics and over 5k added voice lines.

Add it to your wishlist on Steam, GOG and Humble for $39.99 US, €39.99 EU, and £29.99 UK
Letting you know guys.
All of the Kiseki games up to Sen 2 got an English release (one way or the other) for PSP, PC and Vita.
Ys was conformed by Kondo several months ago. Now that Sen is fi ished Ys IX will mist likely be the big 2019 title with Tokyo Xanadu II and an older Kiseki title remaster.
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