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Happy New Years from Falcom
Trails of Cold Steel 1&2 coming to PC, Trails in the Sky the 3rd releasing on May 3rd
SOOOOOO GOOD to be a Falcom fan right now, Love i tell ya LOVE.
Thank god someone got rid of the Exseed part of the title.
^Finally the game is in one console for everyone! Big Grin
Wonder if it will come with any extra content, could have EVOLUTION added to the title like ports of the other Kiseki games.
They could include all the DLCs. Aaand that's about it.
Hmm, really isn't any special in the DLC aside from outfits and level up items... maybe they might include that sound drama as a actual event in part 1 that was glossed over quickly. Shit... I'd pay extra to play the 2 Crossbell games but I doubt its going to happen.
I see Falcom porting Sen, not xseed porting Cold dub. :p

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It's basically just Sen no Kiseki Evolution, we've known about it for months they were planning it.

It'll just have the enhancements they PC version has. This is Falcom, don't expect a major new addition or added Co tent besides a boss or something. The standard for them is just additional voice work and other minor things.

The Evo games don't actually sell too high, that's why they don't add much to them. Usually the last few only break about 25-30k.
The US sales have been pretty good for the 2 Cold Steel games on the PS3, Falcolm president himself said he's impressed with the sales, so they might consider bringing it over in the US for PS4, probably even before a localized part 3 to get new fans into it, ain't like its going to need much work aside from from coding for a PS4 localization. The voice work and translation is already done. If they want to save money it can be a digital only title although I wouldn't mind buying it again, I really enjoyed both games.
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