Full Version: Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
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What are you talking about?
Your avatar is not helping.

This is a thing now
Haha its a joke of sorts

It's my auto-generated designation

That managed to apply itself unnoticed
I'm dying at the trailer for Ralph Wrecks the Internet. Specifically that Cinderella's first instinct is to shank a bitch.

So when I illegally searched Supergirl but typed "Super girl", I kinda got porn results. hahaha  Angel
My random wine fueled thought of the night:

From Software should make another Souls type game, except you're a dinosaur. And all the enemies are other dinosaurs.

It shall be called, "ダイナサウル"
[Image: image.png]
SCANDAL (the band) was awesome live!
Guys (and gals) Honestly, what do you think when you read something like this?

He is back already from a less than a month "hiatus" btw
Johnny's ain't the same as it used to be I guess
So in random news, while at the Gym on monday someone stole my mothers belongings from her locker at the Gym. Including our spare keys to the Prius that cost 300 fucking dollars to replace. Not to mention all of her credit cards.

yesterday we learned there's already been multiple charges used, such as $400 at Lowe's, some $300 at a Target, and then just a few hours ago, some $800 at a Sams Club.

I truly wish the worst on these people, their families, their friends, all of them. I don't care if I sound like a dick these people are trash and I hope they get the worst. How the fuck are you going to rob an old lady?

What's even worst is, those cards all have her picture on it, how are the stupid fucking idiots at these stores not going to ask for ID, etc when they're making 4-800 dollar purchases via credit cards? That's the stores own stupidity and employee as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to where I think these stores might be and talk to the managers directly for any footage they better damn fucking have. While we're not told exactly I have a hunch where because a little ways off from the Gym we go to, there's "coincidentally" a Target, a Lowe's, and a SAM's Club all near by. And the SAM's is the big one because most of them in California all closed down a few months ago.