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I gotta say
Japanese know how to make'em

During the trip to vegas last weekend, my back issues badly started to flare up again. The pain was terrible the first night, thten got better as I did more stuff. and lessened during the week. But today(Friday) the pain somehow got terribly bad, to the point where I can't even walk straight, so mopping the kitchen and some other chores felt like true hell.

RF2: Since I got approved for Medical including Dental, went to an american dentist this past wednesday. Since it was my first time there they did a full check up.

Basically...........I might as well kill myself.

I have like 6 or 7 Cavities.

All the crowns I got out of the country will eventually need to be replaced because they're weren't really put in on par with current medical standards.

And the crown that fell off/broke off a month or two ago, is impossible to fix and that tooth is gone forever. Not only that, the 2 teeth to the left and right of it also need root canals and crowns.

What they told me the best thing I can do is because the 2 teeth on the side of the earlier mentioned one need crowns anyways, is to get a bridge so I can have all 3 of those teeth fixed.

The downside is that with medical, once you pass 21, they no longer cover those teeth. Not to mention along with a badly needed deep cleaning, my total expected bill will come out to......$6000.....

And I apperantly badly need that deep cleaning, on the level of 1-4, I'm at level 3 in terms of gum damage....

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Very sad news, Nep. Did you not visit for years and years?
Seriously, dentist fees in the states are outrageous, i never understood why (will beside the pain of course).
Remove cat before flight

They're pretty damn high in other countries too, Vincent. The problem is that dentistry isn't considered under health care like it should be for alot of situations. Cosmetic dentistry should be like cosmetic surgery, but the rest should all be health care and thus health insurance related. My friend in Norway is having to pay some extreme amounts this year for work being done. I've got my own work I need done here in the US that I've been putting off for years.
Wrong topic
You are everywhere @Shear lol

Believe me i know.
Still too expensive, its done for much much less in other countries.
It's done for much more in some countries too.
Just found out that a new Bill & Ted film is confirmed.

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Oh good. The forum's back online.