Full Version: Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
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Seriously, what did they label it?!
For when you're so mad that one cut won't be enough.

Edit: When you find that old photo of you and your ex.

Seriously, we should do a "caption this" challenge.
Like I said, it's basically a shredder scissors. ^^:
It looks more like a brutal scissor tho Big Grin
Finally. I could not reach the site for nearly 5 hours. And still cannot connect to 4chan right now.
Turns out, growing older past your 20’s ain’t that bad. For one, you get to learn about some stuff they don’t teach in books. A few pages back when we were talking about hair, I remember mentioning that I have a few grays already. Well looking in the mirror earlier, like I usually do once a month :p , I noticed that my current “do” make my grays considerably noticeable. (Damn, I really really look like a respectable gentleman) Anyways I got curious and checked elsewhere... Nope, no grays down there. No gray eyebrows too. None in the stash and beard either. Although I do remember that one time I got a single strand of gray when I was trimming inside my nose. Weird that gray hair only grows on the scalp and inside the nose... Well, anyways to cut the details short, where else would I have learned about this trivial matter have I not gotten older, right?
So now that I have shared my discovery, none of you guys will have to spend birthdays just to find out. You can all stop growing old now, thanks to me Big Grin

So Adobe VoCo just made Mission Impossible voice changer/manipulator real.
I can assume this will not be used for illegal purposes, eh? Especially by medias... or politics, or idiots.
I can definitely see that being abused by governments and the bankers of the world.
^So the next time you are online with a tele-marketer. Don't say a word. They may use this thing to change your lines and have a 'recorded proof'. What a world we live in.
Wedding at the in-laws. I haven't eaten 3-star food in a very long time. Half of me just kept reminding me of my evil family being the reason why me, my partner and the kids are so deprived of everything so I kinda only half-enjoyed it. Undecided